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"I would encourage anyone and everyone to go to (the Bipolar Network site),because you'll be able to learn what it's like for your neighbors, your collegues, maybe even family members...without having to be afraid"--Dr. Joseph Shrand, psychiatrist, Harvard Medical School


Bipolar Network is a service for patients and families dealing with Bipolar Disorder. You now have a place to get answers on how to deal with this disease, or support from professionals and folks who deal with Bipolar Disorder everyday. 

You have an opportunity on this site to share your story, or ask questions and seek help.  Feel free to be as open or as anonymous as you choose.  You may wish to listen to the programs below and read infomation as this site first, but however you like, please don't be afraid to start your journey into healing from the pain of Bipolar Disorder.

Click here now and listen to Breakthrough with Michael Pipich with his guests from the Bipolar Network, who share their stories about discovering and living with this mental illness.

Click here now and listen to Breakthrough with Michael Pipich when host/therapist Michael Pipich, LMFT discusses Bipolar Disorder with return guest Dr. Joe Shrand, M.D.  

For Professionals, Students (or Anyone Who's Interested), click here to read a recent article, Bipolar Disorder: Closing the Ten Year Gap in Treatment

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